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Commissioning ceremony of nitrogen making machine

DATE:2017-10-13 09:33:18 HITS:305 Source: Xin Xiang Technology
  In October 9th, Xin Xiang company held the ribbon cutting ceremony of PSA nitrogen making machine. The general manager of the new company. Xiang Qi, deputy general manager Zhao Baomin, general manager Li Yongjun and Beijing Huake Boya Energy Engineering Co. Ltd. Li Longnan attended the ribbon cutting ceremony.
  Xinxiang company PSA nitrogen machine project by Beijing Huake Boya Energy Engineering Co. Ltd. to invest, to provide high purity nitrogen as the new industrial company Xiang annealing furnace. The equipment mainly consists of air compressor and nitrogen making machine is composed of two parts, using the principle of PSA production to more than 99.99% purity of industrial nitrogen, meet the new Xiang's annealing process of nitrogen demand, not only overcome the original rely solely on liquid nitrogen dilemma, also can reduce nitrogen annealing process costs 150 thousand yuan / month or more. Xinxiang will enhance the company's market competitiveness and anti risk ability.
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