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We change your new clothes

DATE:2017-11-20 07:56:27 HITS:340 Source: Xin Xiang Technology
We change your new clothes
------A series of reports on site renovation and environmental beautification of Xin Xiang company (1)


              Clean corridor, tidy tools, light ground water. Walking into the workshop, a new look makes everyone feel fresh and comfortable, which is the major achievement of the company's on-site remediation activities. According to the site of our company to carry out remediation, landscaping work deployment, various departments in accordance with 5S steps to promote the in-depth development of the scene again, called on all employees personally re planning Easy Access, paint workshop walls, standardize the site identification, site management and environmental management, occupation health management closely, to create a green environmental protection and safety clean working environment.
       Duocuobingju, continuous improvement, the enthusiasm of the comfortable working environment to stimulate the company every employee "beauty". From the walking channel to the operating platform, clean and orderly everywhere, clean and bright, each corner presents a new look of modernization. It's like a new dress for the company.
      At present, the field renovation and environmental beautification work of Xin Xiang company are continuing with great efforts. (to be continued......)
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